Drones and Construction do They Work Together

Drones are being used more and more everyday in construction. I even bought one myself hoping my brother would use it to film the building process of one of his Custom Homes. So far I have not been able to get him to do so. Drones can be quite useful in construction but can also be dangerous. They can help increase your companies visibility online and let you see how well your employee’s work. They can also get in the way of other aircraft and the people who are working.

The problem is taking your drone to high gets in the way of other aircraft, but flying too low will distract your employee’s. You have to find a happy medium where you employee’s will not notice it, but that it’s not so high it becomes useless. I would like to know of other Contractors that use drones in their work and how well it works for them. If you are a contractor and you use one please let me know. If you don’t use on please explain to me why. Maybe with you help I can convince my brother with CDB Construction out of Davenport, Washington that they are useful


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