The Mountain of Mount St Helens OR, or WA,?

There are people out there that really do not know where Mount St Helen’s is. When I was born we lived in Sheridan Wyoming home of CDB Construction. One of my older brothers was in the third grade and his teacher was trying to teach the class that Mount St Helen’s was in the state of Oregon. My brother then raised his hand and the teacher asked him what he wanted, he said “Mount St. Helen’s is in Washington.” The teacher would not listen to this and insisted it was in Oregon even after my brother told him he was born in Washington not far from Mount St Helen’s.


This makes me wonder how many people really do not know where this great mountain is. Most people have heard of it and how it erupted in 1980, but have they heard much more than that? Are there very many teachers that know much about this mountain, or are they going off of what they are taught? I am one of those fortunate enough to have played on this mountain growing up. I have walked in the ape caves all the way to the end, for those of you that do not know these are caves that are in the mountain.

It is my hope that everyone would have a chance to see Mount St Helen’s and the beauty it holds. Those of us who are religious thank God for such a glorious site in all of its beauty and magnificence. Some of you are probably wondering what this article has to do with construction, and in all honesty not much, except I used to frame houses very close to Mount St Helen’s. That was when I worked for my dad and houses were being built by the dozen. If any reader feels they have some insight about Mount St Helen’s please share it.

The Mountain of Mount St Helens OR, or WA,?


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