Struggling in Construction

Thanks to regulations not being strict enough the US economy had a collapse especially in construction. Now a lot of construction companies are struggling to get back on their feet. My brother with CDB Construction owned a different company at that time called Storm Construction, but when the market fell he had to give it up or risk losing everything. His company was not the only one that had to close their doors there were a lot, and many more are still struggling.

Thanks to the way that the construction market is picking up now my brothers company CDB Construction is doing quite well, and growing. I am glad to be a part of this growth buy helping my brother market his company. He is great when it comes to helping his customers because they are his number one priority, but he knows very little about technology and how to use it to market his services.

I am happy to see construction companies that are doing well, and that the construction industry is picking up. I see more and more companies opening in Painting, Siding, Framing, and Roofing every day, and it is existing. I fortunately did not work in the construction industry during its bad years, and thanks to God I did not have to worry about being unemployed. There are those out there who still are unemployed, but hopefully the construction industry will pick up enough that they all can go back to work, and the struggle will be over.



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