Construction in the City


This is not about Construction in all Cities this is about Construction in the City I live in. The picture is one of the City I live in that City is Spokane and it is in Washington State. I like this City a lot it is the best City I have been in and the only one I want to live in. It is a City but still has a small town feel the people here are still nice and you can talk to just about anyone. I actually recommend that people come visit here it is great at all times of the year.

The Construction is rapidly growing here and new houses are being built more and more every day. I often think about starting me own Construction Company but I like Marketing more than Construction. I might eventually go into business with my brother and just partner in CDB Construction maybe even open a branch here in Spokane. These are things I might do in the future God willing but for now I just keep taking it one day at a time.

If you are looking for work in the Construction industry you should consider moving here to Spokane because the market is just going to continue to pick up for now. Remember I work in the Construction industry and the company I work for is quite busy so is my brothers company CDB Construction out of Davenport Washington which is only 45 Minutes west of Spokane.

We are not the only ones busy lots of people in Construction over here are busy, but not everyone because some are still struggling. Even those that are struggling though have found more work recently. So like I said before if you are in the Construction industry looking for work come to Spokane.


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