A little bit about me and Construction Blog Web. I started in Construction doing framing when I was only 14. I did that till I was 16 and my parents moved then I went to work for Perkins restaurant where I worked about six months then my parents moved again and I went back to doing framing. After framing for a couple years I tried nine months of plumbing and then went on to siding witch I enjoy the most for labor wise out of all construction.

I went back and forth between siding and framing for quite awhile, but the last labor construction I did was siding. After that I went to work for a computer consulting company where I worked for five years doing sales and marketing. Then I worked for a year at a car lot just wanting to try something different. After the car lot I went to work for a General Contracting company doing Marketing and Project Management. I still work for a General Contractor doing the same thing, but it’s not my brothers.

I started Construction Blog Web because I saw there were a lot of construction blogs out there but not very many are friendly to marketing. As a marketer I feel there are two reasons to be blogging one is to Market your product or service and two is to learn new thing from different people. Here at Construction Blog Web we encourage you to market your companies services.