Construction in the City


This is not about Construction in all Cities this is about Construction in the City I live in. The picture is one of the City I live in that City is Spokane and it is in Washington State. I like this City a lot it is the best City I have been in and the only one I want to live in. It is a City but still has a small town feel the people here are still nice and you can talk to just about anyone. I actually recommend that people come visit here it is great at all times of the year.

The Construction is rapidly growing here and new houses are being built more and more every day. I often think about starting me own Construction Company but I like Marketing more than Construction. I might eventually go into business with my brother and just partner in CDB Construction maybe even open a branch here in Spokane. These are things I might do in the future God willing but for now I just keep taking it one day at a time.

If you are looking for work in the Construction industry you should consider moving here to Spokane because the market is just going to continue to pick up for now. Remember I work in the Construction industry and the company I work for is quite busy so is my brothers company CDB Construction out of Davenport Washington which is only 45 Minutes west of Spokane.

We are not the only ones busy lots of people in Construction over here are busy, but not everyone because some are still struggling. Even those that are struggling though have found more work recently. So like I said before if you are in the Construction industry looking for work come to Spokane.


Open The Door to Your New Home

CDB Construction works hard on a daily basis to get their customers into the home of their dreams. So that when his customer Opens the door to their new home for the first time they are excited. This is how all builders should make their customers feel but most do not. For a lot of builders their customers are confused through the whole process, and I think that is because they don’t want their customer seeing the blemishes.

My brother like me will not let there be blemishes that is why he shares every step of the process with his customers. Even before his customers Open the door when their home is done they know what it looks like, and that is how the home building process should be. If you are going to build a Custom Home you should know what is happening through the entire project. If your builder is not sharing everything with you he is hiding something.


“Go ahead Open the door to your new home and enjoy what you have built”, this is what a good General Contractor will tell you when your home is done. That is because if they shared the hole process with you. Then it is just like you built your home and you will enjoy it more that way. If your builder did not share the process with you and you find blemishes call CDB Construction and they will help.

The Natural Order of Building a Home

A lot of people have no idea how the building process starts, but everyone knows that naturally it begins from the ground up. Well I think you should know that it starts with Excavation. In construction we call this dirt work, the excavator moves the dirt around and digs it out so that the foundation can sit properly. Your house will be nice and firm on the ground if the excavator knows what they are doing.

The next step as I am sure you guessed is the Foundation, and in construction we call this and concrete slabs “concrete work”. You will know that you have a good Foundation Contractor when your house is level and flat. The foundation sets the accuracy for the framer. With a good solid foundation you should have a good firm standing home.


Next of course is Framing and it is the structure of your home without it there would be no house. A good Framing Contractor will make sure your house is level and straight all the way up. The first thing I ever did in construction was framing, and that was for my dad when I was only 14 years old. Framing is hard work probably the hardest in all construction, and they don’t get any recognition. If you get a chance to thank your framer please do so.

After framing is Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC which is you’re heating and cooling. I don’t know a lot about these, but I did do plumbing for one year and it was boring to me. Once these three contractors are done then your house gets Windows, Doors, Roofing, and Siding. At this point your house almost looks finished from the outside, but there is still a lot more to do.

After all of that is done then come Insulation, Sheet Rock, and Painting. This is when your home does look done from the outside. You neighbor wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t complete, but you still need Flooring, Cabinets, Finish Carpentry, and your plumber one more time. At this point you are ready to move in the only thing left to do is your yard and most home owners like to do these themselves.

If you have ever been through the home building process I hope your builder did a great job for you like I know my brother with CDB Construction would, and if you are ever in the market for a new home be sure to call him. One last thing you should know almost everything that goes into building your home naturally comes from nature.

Struggling in Construction

Thanks to regulations not being strict enough the US economy had a collapse especially in construction. Now a lot of construction companies are struggling to get back on their feet. My brother with CDB Construction owned a different company at that time called Storm Construction, but when the market fell he had to give it up or risk losing everything. His company was not the only one that had to close their doors there were a lot, and many more are still struggling.

Thanks to the way that the construction market is picking up now my brothers company CDB Construction is doing quite well, and growing. I am glad to be a part of this growth buy helping my brother market his company. He is great when it comes to helping his customers because they are his number one priority, but he knows very little about technology and how to use it to market his services.

I am happy to see construction companies that are doing well, and that the construction industry is picking up. I see more and more companies opening in Painting, Siding, Framing, and Roofing every day, and it is existing. I fortunately did not work in the construction industry during its bad years, and thanks to God I did not have to worry about being unemployed. There are those out there who still are unemployed, but hopefully the construction industry will pick up enough that they all can go back to work, and the struggle will be over.


The Mountain of Mount St Helens OR, or WA,?

There are people out there that really do not know where Mount St Helen’s is. When I was born we lived in Sheridan Wyoming home of CDB Construction. One of my older brothers was in the third grade and his teacher was trying to teach the class that Mount St Helen’s was in the state of Oregon. My brother then raised his hand and the teacher asked him what he wanted, he said “Mount St. Helen’s is in Washington.” The teacher would not listen to this and insisted it was in Oregon even after my brother told him he was born in Washington not far from Mount St Helen’s.


This makes me wonder how many people really do not know where this great mountain is. Most people have heard of it and how it erupted in 1980, but have they heard much more than that? Are there very many teachers that know much about this mountain, or are they going off of what they are taught? I am one of those fortunate enough to have played on this mountain growing up. I have walked in the ape caves all the way to the end, for those of you that do not know these are caves that are in the mountain.

It is my hope that everyone would have a chance to see Mount St Helen’s and the beauty it holds. Those of us who are religious thank God for such a glorious site in all of its beauty and magnificence. Some of you are probably wondering what this article has to do with construction, and in all honesty not much, except I used to frame houses very close to Mount St Helen’s. That was when I worked for my dad and houses were being built by the dozen. If any reader feels they have some insight about Mount St Helen’s please share it.

The Mountain of Mount St Helens OR, or WA,?

Drones and Construction do They Work Together

Drones are being used more and more everyday in construction. I even bought one myself hoping my brother would use it to film the building process of one of his Custom Homes. So far I have not been able to get him to do so. Drones can be quite useful in construction but can also be dangerous. They can help increase your companies visibility online and let you see how well your employee’s work. They can also get in the way of other aircraft and the people who are working.

The problem is taking your drone to high gets in the way of other aircraft, but flying too low will distract your employee’s. You have to find a happy medium where you employee’s will not notice it, but that it’s not so high it becomes useless. I would like to know of other Contractors that use drones in their work and how well it works for them. If you are a contractor and you use one please let me know. If you don’t use on please explain to me why. Maybe with you help I can convince my brother with CDB Construction out of Davenport, Washington that they are useful

Keeping a Happy Customer when Building Their Home

Building a Custom Home is a completely different category then building a track home. You almost have to become friends with the customer in order to keep them happy. My brother with CDB Construction out of Davenport Washington has a knack for keeping his customers happy, and I should probably be asking him how he does it, but each Custom Home Builder has their own method. However all of them will tell you that it is important to keep those customers happy.

With a custom home you’re not just building a house your building a home the customer plans to live in for a very long time, maybe even the rest of their life. You want to make sure you build their home the exact way they want it, and communicate with them every step of the way. If you keep them in the loop while you are building their house, it makes them happier because they then feel that they are a part of their home from the beginning. This also lets them know that you plan to build their home exactly how they want it.

Now I am going to share with you little bit of what one of my brothers customers said about her home. “Jeremy with CDB Construction built our first custom home up here at Hawk Creek Ranch, near Davenport, WA. My husband and I were totally impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. I was here onsite during the build and working with Jeremy and his team was awesome.  Jeremy is an exceptional Project Manager, with the experience to building a quality custom home for his clients.”

That is how you want your customer’s to sound when you are building there custom home. You want them to remember you and your company for many years to come, so that when people ask them “who built your home” they will be sure to tell them. What I want to know is how other Custom Home Builder’s keep their customer’s happy, so if you are reading this and you are a Custom Home Builder let me know.

Construction and Marketing

Construction Blogs What People Want to Read

Welcome to Construction Blog. I started this blog mostly because my brothers own a General Contracting company called CDB Construction located in Sheridan, WY and Davenport, WA and they asked me to do some marketing for them. I will explain more about their company and what they do later.

The other reason I built this Blog site is to hear from other construction companies and how things are going for them, also to make some new contacts and communicate with some new people. So please feel free to respond to anything you read here even if it is something you disagree with.